father and daughter taking apart artificial Christmas tree

How To Best Store Your Artificial Christmas Tree

As the holiday festivities wind down, the time comes to bid adieu to your beautiful Christmas tree. Properly storing your artificial tree ensures it remains in top-notch condition, ready to spread holiday cheer next year.

Whether you're a space-saving enthusiast or a meticulous organizer, here's your go-to guide for artificial Christmas tree storage.

1. Clean Before Storing

Start by giving your tree a thorough clean. Dust accumulated during the season can dull its sparkle. Use a soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to gently remove dust and debris. For stubborn spots, a damp cloth with mild soap should do the trick.

2. Disassemble with Care

Follow the manufacturer's disassembly instructions meticulously. Take photos before dismantling to ease the assembly next year. Label sections or use color-coded tags to simplify reassembly. Handle fragile parts delicately to prevent breakage.

3. Folding Techniques

If you have a hooked Christmas tree, start from the top and work your way down, removing each section carefully. For hinged trees, gently fold the branches upwards, following the tree's natural hinge points.

4. Packaging Strategies

Invest in a specialized tree storage bag or box. If unavailable, repurpose a large, sturdy cardboard box. Wrap tree sections in old blankets or sheets to prevent scratches. Avoid using plastic bags as they can trap moisture.

5. Choose the Right Storage Spot

Find a cool, dry place to store your tree to prevent mold or mildew. Consider using a storage unit for artificial Christmas tree storage, especially if space is limited at home. Midgard Self Storage provides secure, climate-controlled units perfect for seasonal decorations.

Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Top Tips

  • Dealing with Lights: If your tree has built-in lights, inspect them before storing. Replace any burnt-out bulbs to avoid forgetting next year.

  • Fluffing and Shaping: When reassembling, give your tree branches a gentle fluff and shape to restore its fullness and natural look.

Do Your Christmas Decorations Need a Storage Unit?

Storage units offer a hassle-free solution for seasonal decorations. They free up valuable space at home, keeping your belongings secure and well-maintained. Climate-controlled units like those at Midgard Self Storage safeguard your tree from temperature fluctuations, preserving its quality.

Storing your artificial Christmas tree properly not only extends its lifespan but also makes next year's decorating experience a breeze. Following these steps ensures your tree remains a cherished centerpiece for many joyful holidays to come.

Find a unit size that works for your seasonal decorations at Midgard Self Storage! It doesn't matter if you've got a 12-footer and a Santa's workshop full of decorations, we've got you covered for all your holiday storage needs. Reserve a unit today and enjoy a stress-free holiday season.