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Questions to Ask Before Hiring Movers

Let's face it: nobody likes moving. We might feel excited about a new adventure or ready for a change but packing up all of our stuff and getting it from one place to another is a major chore. If you're considering hiring movers for your upcoming move, there are a few key questions you should ask before signing on the dotted line.

Why Should You Be Picky When Hiring a Moving Team?

You might be tempted to pick the first moving team on your Google search but it's essential to spend a little time digging for the best one. They'll be handling all your belongings—possibly tens of thousands of dollars worth of things.

That's not to mention the sentimental value that many of your things may have. Moving is already stressful and hiring movers that don't communicate well or who aren't trustworthy makes the process near impossible. So it's alright to be a little picky when making your choice!

7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Movers

Here are the 7 essential questions to ask before hiring a moving company—you may think of more based on what's most important.

Do I Have It on Good Authority That This Is a Trustworthy Company?

First and foremost, you want to ensure the company is reliable. That means not only checking online reviews but also asking friends or family if they've ever used the particular service—or if they know anyone who has.

Is This Company a Broker or a Carrier?

You want to know if the company you're dealing with will be doing the actual moving or if they are just a broker that outsources to another carrier. You'll get better service and more reliable results if you deal directly with the movers, not a third party.

Do They Offer Coverage Should Something Get Broken or Lost?

Accidents can and do happen during moves, so it's essential to know whether the company you're dealing with has insurance coverage that will cover anything damaged or lost in transit.

What Services Do They Offer?

Full-service movers can pack, load, and unload your belongings as well as transport them from one location to another. Some may also offer specialty services like packing artwork or antiques. Knowing what's available is key to getting a fair price for the job.

How Do They Calculate Pricing and Are There Any Potential Fees?

It's important to understand how your movers will calculate the cost of the job. Ask them what their fee structure looks like and be sure to inquire about any potential fees that may not be immediately obvious.

Will I Be Able to Track My Drivers?

This is especially important if you're hiring movers for a long-distance move. Many companies offer GPS tracking for their drivers so you can keep an eye on your belongings and know when they are expected to arrive at their destination.

Are There Any Restrictions on How I Pack My Boxes?

Finally, ask if there are any restrictions on how you should pack your boxes. Some movers may require that all items be boxed and some fragile items wrapped before they will accept them for transport.

Making sure to get the answers to these questions before signing anything will help ensure a smooth moving experience for everyone involved. Good luck with your move!

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