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How To Store Electronics in a Storage Unit

Just can't part with that early 2000s flip phone, can you? And a good thing—that relic is a part of ancient history! Whether you want to keep electronics for sentimental value or just in case you need that old laptop one day, you might be wondering how to store electronics to keep them in good shape. You've come to the right place—here's everything you need to know about electronics storage.

Which Electronics Can You Store for Extended Periods?

Firstly, it's important to identify which electronics can withstand extended storage. Most consumer electronics, including headphones, laptops, and phones, are designed to endure long-term storage if prepared correctly.

However, these devices are sensitive to environmental factors such as temperature fluctuations and humidity levels. Therefore, while they can be stored for prolonged periods, doing so necessitates specific care and preparation.

Proper Packaging & Considerations

The key to successful electronics storage lies in how you package your devices. Start by cleaning each device meticulously. Dust, debris, and fingerprints can become abrasive over time, potentially damaging screens and interfaces.

Once clean, the ideal scenario is to use the original packaging for storage. These boxes are specifically designed to protect the device during transport and storage, offering the perfect fit.

If the original packaging isn't available, the next best option is to use anti-static bags, especially for sensitive electronics like laptops and smartphones. These bags prevent static electricity, a common yet overlooked cause of damage to electronics.

After securing your devices in anti-static bags, wrap them in bubble wrap or similar padding materials. This additional layer provides extra protection against physical shocks or impacts that might occur during the storage period.

Is Climate Control a Must?

For electronics storage, managing the environment is crucial. Electronics are highly susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures and high humidity levels. Ever been outside during a blazing summer day and had your phone turn off for no reason? It's because the heat is too much for your device to handle.

Aim for a storage unit with climate control. These units regulate temperature and humidity levels, ensuring they stay within ideal ranges. Climate-controlled units also offer added insulation, protecting your devices from outside environmental factors.

Avoiding moisture is another critical aspect. Even the slightest amount of moisture can lead to corrosion and irreversible damage to the internal components of your electronics. Therefore, ensuring that your storage space is dry is paramount. Silica gel packets can be a helpful addition to your storage boxes, as they absorb any residual moisture.

Security & Battery Considerations

Before storing your electronics, it's vital to consider both physical security and data security. Ensure that all personal data is securely backed up. For added security, especially for devices that won't be used for a long time, a factory reset is advisable.

Battery care is another crucial aspect of electronic storage. Storing batteries at extreme charge levels (either fully charged or completely drained) can significantly reduce their lifespan and capacity. The optimal charge level for long-term storage is around 50%. This level maintains the battery's health without putting undue stress on it.

What Maintenance Is Required?

Even in storage, electronics require some level of maintenance. If you're planning to store your devices for a very long time, it's advisable to periodically check on them. This includes occasionally charging the batteries to maintain their health and inspecting the devices for any signs of damage, such as moisture ingress or corrosion.

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