10 Repurposed Materials to Turn Into Quirky Storage Solutions

10 Repurposed Materials to Turn Into Quirky Storage Solutions

Ever looked around your home and thought, "There's got to be a better way to organize this"? Well, the answer might be right in front of you: repurposed materials. It's not just about decluttering; it's about giving new life to old items.

Using repurposed materials for storage not only minimizes waste but also adds a unique flair to your living space. Let's explore 10 inventive storage solutions that turn everyday items into functional and quirky organizers.

Vintage Suitcases

Those vintage suitcases gathering dust in the attic? They're not just for nostalgia. Stack them up and secure them to create a side table with hidden storage. Elevate their utility by adding legs or wheels for a touch of vintage charm.

Wooden Crates

Simple yet versatile, wooden crates can become wall-mounted shelves or a distinctive bookcase. Stain or paint them to match your style and utilize the open compartments for storing books, plants, or decorative pieces.

Mason Jars

Here's a DIY favorite: mount mason jars on a wooden board or beneath a shelf for a clever storage solution. This repurposed material is perfect for organizing small items like spices, crafting supplies, or even bathroom essentials. Customize them with paint or labels for a personal touch.


Pallets aren't just for shipping—they make excellent shoe racks! Stand them upright, add shelves or dividers, and voilà! Sand and paint them for a polished look while keeping that rustic appeal.

Wine Crates

Give wine crates a new purpose by mounting them on the wall for storage. Use the compartments to organize towels, toiletries, or kitchen necessities, blending functionality with a touch of rustic charm.

PVC Pipes

Cut PVC pipes into sections and mount them on the wall for a modern shoe rack. Tailor the lengths to fit different shoe sizes and add a splash of color with spray paint for an eye-catching display.

Tin Cans

Don't toss those tin cans! Clean them up, jazz them with some décor, and attach them to a board or hang them for a handy organizer. Perfect for pens, utensils, or makeup brushes.

Old Ladders

That old ladder gathering dust in the garage? Lean it against the wall and hang baskets or shelves from the rungs for a unique display of plants, books, or decorative items. An old ladder is also ideal for holding blankets in your living room or movie room.

Old Drawers

Got an old dresser you're about to toss? Wait! Salvage the drawers for creative storage. Mount them on a wall horizontally or stack them vertically to create unique shelving. Paint or refinish them for a customized look. These drawers can house anything from books to kitchen supplies, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Tennis Ball Cans

Don't discard those empty tennis ball cans! These cylindrical containers are perfect for organizing smaller items. Decorate the cans or wrap them in colorful paper to match your décor. Attach them to a board or hang them on the wall in your garage or craft room. They're ideal for storing small tools, craft supplies, or even as planters for small herbs or flowers, adding a playful touch to your space.

Make More Room With a Storage Unit

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