How to Make Your Apartment More Spacious

How to Make Your Apartment More Spacious

Whether you're a Marie Kondo minimalist or a more-is-more maximalist, one thing is for sure: nobody likes to feel crowded in their own space. But if you're living in a small apartment or simply have lots of stuff, it can be tough to avoid that feeling.

Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use to make your space feel bigger and more open. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Opt for light colors.

If your walls and floors are dark, they'll make your space feel smaller. But if you paint them a light color, they'll help to brighten up the room and make it feel more airy.

2. Get rid of clutter.

Clutter can make even the biggest room feel small and cramped. So take some time to declutter your space and get rid of anything you don't need.

3. Use mirrors.

Mirrors reflect light and make a space feel bigger. So hang a few in your apartment to give the illusion of more space.

4. Use multifunctional furniture.

Invest in furniture that serves multiple purposes. For example, get a coffee table that doubles as a storage ottoman. That way, you can keep things like blankets and pillows out of sight but still easily accessible.

5. Use self storage.

By decluttering your apartment and storing your belongings in a storage unit, you'll free up space in your home. This will make your apartment feel less cramped and more comfortable to live in.

Self storage is a great option for anyone who doesn't have enough space for all their belongings. And it's affordable too! So if you're looking for a way to simplify your life, consider using self storage.

Benefits of Using Self Storage to Change Your Space

When you decide to go with a storage unit, you can get more use out of your space without moving and upgrading. You also get to keep your things in a safe place that is close by. And if you need to access your things, you can do so at any time.

Self storage is perfect for people who are downsizing their homes or apartments. If you're moving to a smaller space, a unit can help you transition by providing a place to store your belongings until you need them or decide to sell them.

It's also a great option for people who are renovating their homes. You can't have all your things stored in your kitchen when it's time to rip those cabinets out, but there's probably not enough room for them in the garage. Storing everything in a storage unit for a month or two is an affordable and flexible way to get the space you need.

Moving and renovating aren't the only times self storage can benefit you though. If you're simply decluttering your space or trying to live a more minimalist lifestyle, self storage can help with that too. It's the perfect place to store seasonal items or things that you don't use often but can't bear to part with.

Free Up Your Space with Midgard Self Storage

No matter your reason for using self storage, it's a great way to change your space without changing your address. So if you're looking for a way to make your apartment or home more spacious, put all the tips and tricks from this blog into practice and you'll feel like you're living in a whole new place in no time.

And if you need help finding the perfect storage unit in the Cumming, GA area, contact Midgard Self Storage. We have storage units of all sizes and we offer both short-term and long-term leases. We're here to help you make the most of your space!