woman reading a holiday card

Creative Ways to Display Your Holiday Cards This Season

Have holiday cards been showing up in your mailbox every day this Christmas season? From DIY crafts to store-bought solutions, there's an abundance of imaginative ways to showcase these cherished greetings in a fun holiday card display.

5 Ways To Display Holiday Cards

If you want to enjoy holiday cards from your friends and family all season long, here are 5 ways to keep them on display (plus an idea for making them into mementos that'll last for years)!

1. Wreath Wonder: Transform a simple wire or wooden wreath frame into a stunning holiday card display. Clip cards onto the wreath using mini clothespins or decorative clips for a festive and eye-catching arrangement.

2. String of Cheer: Create a garland by stringing holiday cards together with twine or ribbon. Hang it along a mantle, staircase, or on a blank wall to add a charming touch to your decor.

3. Memory Tree: Use a mini tabletop tree or a larger decorative tree to showcase your holiday cards. Attach the cards to the branches using decorative clips or small ornament hooks, turning your tree into a sentimental display.

4. DIY Card Holder: Craft a unique card holder using chicken wire or a corkboard covered in fabric. Frame it and hang it on a wall to create a customizable display for your holiday cards.

5. Vintage Window Frame: Repurpose an old window frame by attaching strings across the frame's openings. Clip or pin your holiday cards onto the strings, creating a rustic and nostalgic display piece.

Repurposing Holiday Cards for Years to Come

Consider upcycling holiday cards into next year's decorations. Cut out festive shapes or designs from the cards to create ornaments, gift tags, or even a holiday-themed collage. This not only adds a personal touch to your decor but also keeps cherished memories alive.

Decided Not to Keep Your Holiday Cards?

To sustainably dispose of holiday cards, recycle them if possible. Consider using them for crafts or gift wrapping to minimize waste.

Storing Holiday Cards for Keepsakes

If you want to preserve the sentimental value of past holiday cards, you can slip the cards into plastic sleeves in a binder or photo album. Organize them by year and pull them out during the holiday season to see how your friends and family members have changed over the years.

Holiday card display options are endless and offer a delightful way to celebrate the season's spirit. From showcasing this year's greetings to repurposing cards and safely storing memories, make this holiday season both festive and sustainable.

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